Bouygues UK is at the forefront of new technology and engineering innovation, providing bespoke solutions in every sector and always delivering to high-quality standards.

We are focused on creating new products and materials and to tailoring everything we do to offer clients all-round solutions.

We are committed to constructing energy-efficient buildings to help reduce carbon emissions. We use a combination of sensitive design, local renewable materials and green technologies to make a significant impact on protecting the environment. Our industry-leading research areas have applications across all sectors in the advancement of sustainable design practices.

Bouygues UK consistently exceeds national standards for buildings and is proud to be involved in a number of industry-leading initiatives.

Our Group-wide sustainable construction structure supplies expertise to our technical and sales teams. Our materials engineering centre develops innovations in materials and processes. Finally, our regular Innovation Competitions strengthen our modern culture and encourage idea contribution at all levels, with the best ideas and practices integrated into our research and development programmes.