Urban regeneration

Our delivery of urban regeneration is based on three core objectives:

Creating vibrant communities | Our developments prioritise the convenience, comfort and wellbeing of the individuals, families and communities who live, work or spend time in them. We adapt our spaces to meet their needs and improve their wellbeing, creating places that contribute to happier, healthier and more productive lives as well as a more cohesive, resilient society.

Encouraging connectivity | We craft developments that bring people together, focusing on functional and attractive shared areas and creating atmospheres where communities can flourish.
Our projects are designed to integrate with the neighbourhoods around them and we place a strong emphasis on encouraging new and existing local businesses. This results in an improved value beyond the traditional boundaries of a development project. As well as promoting sustainable transport choices, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our developments by promoting local employment and collaborating with local suppliers.

Developing smarter, greener spaces | By conserving energy, reducing waste and incorporating green spaces that promote wildlife and a sense of calm, our developments encourage efficiency and have a positive effect on the environment, which also contributes to occupants’ wellbeing. We focus on intelligent design, incorporating innovative systems where appropriate, while also ensuring they are carefully monitored to deliver the best possible benefits.