Bouygues Construction hosts World Health &; Safety Day across its entire global construction network to reaffirm its commitment to over 100,000 staff

On Tuesday 13 June, Bouygues Construction is hosting a Health & Safety Day on an unparalleled scale to mark its longstanding commitment to the health and safety of its employees. On almost all of its 10,000 construction sites across the globe, the Group’s employees and the personnel of its partners – some 100,000 people across 80 countries – will attend a dedicated Health and Safety event to communicate the company’s shared ambition to achieve the highest standards consistently across the world.

In the UK, events will be taking place across the majority of the sites and offices of construction company Bouygues UK and property development company Linkcity, engineering and services provider Bouygues Energies and Services and engineering, infrastructure specialist Bouygues Travaux Publics and post-tensioning world leader VSL totalling over 100 UK locations.

Philippe Bonnave, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bouygues Construction, explains: “Our most precious asset is the men and women who work on our construction sites. We want to provide them with the best working conditions throughout the world. Whether a site is in Morocco, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Paris or Bordeaux, we have to ensure the best tools, the best standards, the best quality. Thanks to our longstanding commitment to safety, we have reduced the frequency with which accidents occur, but we can go still further. Safety should be a number one priority for everyone within the entire Group. More than ever, our ambition is to achieve ‘zero accidents’.”

Health and safety, the number one priority for Bouygues Construction

Thanks to its proactive health and safety policy, Bouygues Construction is able to post safety results that are among the best in the industry: the frequency rate* of accidents is 3.6 and the severity rate for occupational accidents** is 0.18. The principle of safety days was first launched in the Group’s various entities in 2007, with the aim of improving accident prevention and to raise awareness of the need to commit to an approach that is both individual and collective.

“We Love Life, We Protect It” – a campaign that will make an impact

With 100,000 people working on the Group’s sites each day and the prevention of accidents a key priority, Bouygues Construction has launched “We Love Life, We Protect It”, an international campaign that reflects the commitment to a strong and shared safety culture. Intended to illustrate the fundamentals of safety by establishing parallels between professional and personal situations, it will be rolled out in all the Group’s construction sites across the world over the next twelve months.

The World Health & Safety Day will make individuals more aware and more accountable

The inaugural World Health & Safety day will be marked by events on each of the Group’s construction sites to reinforce a shared determination to achieve “zero accidents”. The day will include presentations, a video message from Bouygues Construction Chairman and CEO Philippe Bonnave, sharing of results, risk-hunting, and workshops on topics such as addiction, driving, work at height, etc.

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