Bouygues UK is proud to be part of the Bouygues family and specialises in meeting past, present and future societal needs through our tailored projects.

Bouygues Construction is a global group, founded in 1952 by Francis Bouygues at a time where reconstruction was crucial in tackling the aftermath of the Second World War. The group has since gone from strength to strength.

Since its foundation in France, the family business has expanded worldwide with the UK being a key market and where Bouygues UK has been operating for over 25 years.

The group has transformed rapidly since its inception and is now a diverse conglomerate that operates across a range of services beyond construction, including energies and services, media, civil works, telecoms and property development. This makes us financially resilient to changing economic conditions.

Bouygues Group: making progress become reality

Bouygues UK has long been designing, building and delivering sustainable infrastructures that enhance and transform communities for the better.

Thanks to the capabilities of our property development arm, Linkcity, we offer an end-to-end development service enabling us to create vibrant, connected places to improve the quality of life of the people who live, work and spend time in them.

This partnership model means we are able to unlock sizeable and intricate placemaking initiatives, while also demonstrating the flexibility to undertake more intimate, smaller-scale projects.

Working closely with Linkcity, our approach fully encompasses every stage of the development and construction process, from acquiring land and conceptualising designs to executing sales and marketing strategies, as well as overseeing project management, ultimately optimising the value created and the quality of the building delivered.

Now a long-standing global player in construction, offering a fully integrated service, Bouygues Construction develops, designs, builds and operates all over the world. It is being part of this inspirational and specialist group paired with our own local knowledge and expertise that makes us a contractor of choice here in the UK.

Bouygues UK provides our expertise throughout the construction process to deliver across sectors from housing, healthcare, education, science and research to public services and more. We work with our partners to develop low carbon solutions to deliver the buildings and neighbourhoods of tomorrow.

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At Bouygues UK, we are dedicated to supporting, inspiring and challenging our teams to be the best they can be.

We know that attracting the best talent onto our next generation programmes is the most sustainable way to develop our future business leaders. We need people who share our passion to help communities to live, work and grow stronger through the projects we deliver.

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