Our mission is to deliver a sustainable built environment that boosts local employment, encourages healthy living and creates places that thrive.

Bouygues UK strives to be a responsible business, adding value wherever possible and positively impacting the communities in which we work. We respond not only to contractual obligations but we also encourage each other to go above and beyond.

As one of the leading construction companies in the United Kingdom, working across a variety of sectors, Bouygues UK’s approach to improving the built environment is based on collaborative thinking, a thirst for innovation and a drive to add social value wherever possible.

On every project, we treat our clients, our supply chain partners and the communities we work with as part of our extended family, taking care to act with integrity and fairness whilst fulfilling our promise.

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of conduct and ethics among our businesses, our employees and our supply chain.


Environmental Social Governance, or ESG, is an issue for the age and one which will grow in increasing importance over the coming years, and globally.

As Bouygues UK is committed to being a responsible and sustainable business, our approach to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues is informed by the Bouygues Group’s global sustainability agenda and aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which we share in our ambition to create a better world.


Building back better and delivering net zero.

Every project is an opportunity to build the future and at Bouygues UK, we are committed to ensuring this is the reality.

It is our obligation and ambition to develop lasting systems capable of reducing this potential to cause damage to the world around us to an absolute minimum whilst continuing to meet our clients’ varying needs.


Creating communities where individuals, businesses and communities thrive.

We are fortunate at Bouygues UK to have a great team of people who are motivated by challenge and genuine passion to apply their knowledge, skills and experience to make a difference.

As a global business, our social responsibility is essential to operate effectively and sustainably in the diverse range of communities we work for and with. Adding value socially is, in turn, key to attracting and retaining talent, building customer loyalty, and driving long-term value creation.


Bouygues UK’s approach to governance shapes our corporate culture, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and quality.

We strive to continually elevate standards for both our employees and our partners. Ensuring the systems we have in place allow us to providing the best client experience possible throughout our project delivery and operation is an absolute priority.

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At Bouygues UK, we are dedicated to supporting, inspiring and challenging our teams to be the best they can be.
We know that attracting the best talent onto our next generation programmes is the most sustainable way to develop our future business leaders. We need people who share our passion to help communities to live, work and grow stronger through the projects we deliver.

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