For Bouygues UK, each project holds potential for building the future, so our teams collaborate with our clients and partners daily to ensure that our commitment to improving society is realised.

Our mission is to deliver a sustainable built environment that creates a better life for communities. Adding value for our clients, supply chain partners, colleagues and communities is what we do best.

As a global business, our social responsibility is essential to operate effectively and sustainably in the diverse range of communities we work for and with. It also benefits our business in attracting and retaining talent, building customer loyalty, mitigating reputational risks and regulatory pressures, and driving long-term value creation.

Our social approach addresses 4 streams and a range of indicators.

SOcial value

The communities that we live and work in need businesses to consciously add social value now more than ever.

We define social value as the activity we do which enhances people’s lives by improving the conditions of the wider community to reduce inequality and poverty, improve wellbeing, inclusion and deliver prosperity for all whilst being aligned to support delivery against The Social Value Act 2012, the Well-being and Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As a business, we need to be truly responsible – from the people to the processes; from our culture and the way we behave to the way we measure our impact. We must ensure that our influence is as positive as possible, whilst still driving and challenging our thinking as business leaders to do things differently, bravely, responsibly and transparently. Our 2023 Social Value Annual Report highlights exactly how we are doing this across our projects.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our active and influential diversity network, BeYourself, continues to support and educate employees and advise the business. Fairness, Inclusion and Respect ambassadors act as allies and champion key messages to ensure our culture remains open and supportive. Our Speak Up reporting platform offers a confidential way to report concerns if direct engagement with line managers isn’t appropriate.

We are constantly striving for a workplace that welcomes and supports everyone. We want all our staff to feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work, be that working on site or in the office, because we understand that people perform better when they can truly be themselves.

Our 2025 goals are for 35% of our leadership positions to be occupied by women and 15% of leadership positions to be occupied by ethnic minorities. To date, 33% of Bouygues UK’s directors are women. As well as reporting on our gender pay gap, we voluntarily report on our ethnicity pay gap.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Our aim is to reduce the frequency and severity of workplace accidents and to work towards better employee health, which we strive to achieve through our mental health first aiders and comprehensive benefits supporting employees mental and physical health such as our Employee Assistance Programme or medical and financial care packages.

Health and safety is the company’s first priority on construction projects and this
is monitored closely throughout the business and by senior management to ensure exemplary performance levels are maintained.

In 2022, Bouygues UK’s Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) was 0.05. The rate achieved equates to 1 reportable accident per 1.8 million man hours. This rate demonstrates industry leading behaviours which we will continue to improve in order to prevent any accidents on our sites.

The wellbeing of our staff is given the same importance as health and safety. The health of our employees is more than purely physical, and throughout the business we have fully trained Mental Health First Aiders offering support and advice.

Our partners

Communities need our industry to actively contribute social value now more than ever.

We take pride in collaborating with organisations that prioritise social value, ensuring that our projects not only deliver the highest quality but also enhance the well-being of those residing in the vicinity of our developments.

Join us

At Bouygues UK, we are dedicated to supporting, inspiring and challenging our teams to be the best they can be.
We know that attracting the best talent onto our next generation programmes is the most sustainable way to develop our future business leaders. We need people who share our passion to help communities to live, work and grow stronger through the projects we deliver.

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