The events in recent years have emphasised the critical need for fortified healthcare infrastructure worldwide with the COVID-19 pandemic particularly exposing vulnerabilities in medical systems, highlighting the necessity for increased capacity, advanced technology integration, and streamlined supply chains. Hospitals facing overwhelming surges revealed the need for more beds, equipment, medical professionals and robust digital platforms.

As we move forward, enhancing healthcare infrastructure stands essential, ensuring readiness for future crises and equitable access to care that will benefit our collective well-being.

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At Bouygues UK, the healthcare market has always been, and remains, a key market for us. Our focus is providing health professionals with high quality, well-equipped and operationally efficient facilities in which they can work and care for patients as effectively as possible. We are proud to have worked on over 400 healthcare facilities worldwide with several multimillion-pound, complex hospitals completed across the UK.

Healthcare facilities rank as some of the most complex construction projects delivered globally but for us, these intricate schemes are our bread and butter. The Bouygues Group has key financial strength as well as rich resources at our disposal and the capacity to access an international supply chain. We know this gives clients confidence in our ability as a company to deliver the best results.

We are keen to share this level of know-how with our clients. Thanks to our considerable experience in healthcare facility delivery, we understand absolutely what is required when operating within a live environment. Our ambition and ability to solve complicated and demanding projects drives our desire to add further to our significant expertise and deliver schemes that consistently go above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

Our highly qualified teams have abundant experience in delivering complex facilities. Underpinned by a real commitment and enthusiasm for the challenge, our power is our people; equipped and ready to work in close collaboration with stakeholders to help realise the project objectives.

Trying to find a contractor with [such] skillsets is really where Bouygues demonstrated their prowess. They had excellent credentials across Europe and the UK, and demonstrable experience of building hospitals in the UK. When you combine all that, it provided a clear differentiator for the Bouygues UK team.

Kieran McDaid, Former Director of Estates Capital Investment & Facilities, University College London Hospital

Smart Hospitals

In an ever-changing technical landscape, it is difficult to predict how future needs or use cases will influence our buildings’ need to adapt. We are however able to reflect on what we have already achieved, consider lessons learnt, understand trends, and listen to first-hand intel to inform what we need to do next.

Bouygues’ global experience of delivering integrated digital solutions within healthcare facilities positions us well when it comes to reflecting, listening and understanding.

Over the last decade our Canadian sister company, Plan Group has developed and delivered the Humber River Hospital, North America’s first fully digital hospital. The now completed facility has adopted smart digital technology systems that provide the right information in the right place and at the right time, with the aim of enhancing patient experience, improving the use of space and ultimately transforming outcomes for both patients and staff.

Beyond Humber River Hospital, Bouygues has also contributed significantly to the design and the delivery of many smart hospitals across North America. Experience acquired and lessons learnt through the delivery of these projects are being brought directly into our current healthcare project under construction like at Oriel, where our knowledge and expertise will help earn a place for this £300 million eye care centre as one of the smartest buildings of its kind in the UK.

As a future-proofed facility, Bouygues UK is working with the client to ensure that throughout the whole of the building’s lifecycle, the systems in place will be resilient to changes in technology, vendors, industry standards, building uses, and performance objectives.

BIM Delivery

Bouygues UK has a plethora of experience when it comes to delivering BIM Level 2 projects. We understand that the key to successful delivery of design lies in ensuring BIM models are not only graphically accurate but also data rich.

Our tried and tested approach is to engage with all our stakeholders at an early stage, ensuring there is a common understanding of the project information requirements going beyond the technical language and establishing the necessary standards to define the quality levels required from the BIM models.

We recognise the importance of making sure the data contained within the model is aligned with the end of construction deliverables as well as the design and construction outputs. As such we perform regular Model Suitability Assessments to audit the models against these quality standards.

Bouygues UK’s holistic approach to BIM and in particular 4D visualisation provided our technical and non-technical evaluation teams with confidence and predictability to help us build our highly complex new hospital in central London.

University College London Hospital

End-to-end Support

Supporting our clients and stakeholders throughout the entire process when it comes to healthcare facility construction and delivery is essential in guaranteeing the successful creation of functional and safe medical spaces. This means being right by their site from the beginning during the planning and design stages to make sure our projects meet the stringent standards, optimize patient care, and prioritize the well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals.

But true end-to-end support goes beyond this to ensure the smooth running of the hospital once construction is complete, and the handover phase commences. We are fortunate to have our facilities management sister company, Bouygues Energies & Services, right by our side to step in and deliver bespoke facilities management services through a delivery model that focuses on supporting both the client and patients alike.

Bouygues Energies & Services’ teams at hospitals Broomfield in Essex, North and West Middlesex and Barnet in London, Southmead in Bristol, Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh and John Radcliffe in Oxford, to name but a few allow us to bring our expertise of the operational side to our clients and their projects. We continue to work alongside our existing NHS clients to help keep their facilities well maintained and fully operational.

The Grafton Way Building has certainly delivered – we wanted a hospital that would provide the very best healthcare in an environment that aids patient and staff wellbeing. We wanted it to reflect our vision – to deliver top quality patient care, excellent education and world-class research and our values – kindness, teamwork, safety and improving. I think you can feel these as you enter the building and the light washes over you. Complimented by the artwork and design, there space exudes a sense of accomplishment and purpose that I hope makes people feel safe and cared for.

David Probert, Chief Executive, University College London Hospital

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