Call for all startup partners!

Call for startup partners! Apply here to co-create the campus of tomorrow.

In the UK, Bouygues Construction’s companies design, build and maintain Education campuses. Our offers cover the campus experience, mobility, security, environmental sustainability, and creating buildings that aid academic learning. We want to form partnerships with startups, scaleups and SMEs to enrich this offer.

Matching Up is our international co-innovation programme. Bouygues Construction created it to support and accelerate open-innovation projects between startups, scaleups, SMEs and our employees. Targeting our operational needs, we regularly call for projects in order to identify and develop long-term partnerships. We want to join forces with innovation players.

Campuses are being transformed: the digital revolution, the push for sustainable development, increased numbers of students, globalisation, evolving economic and governance models, higher demands for lucrative degrees and more competitive labour forces. No aspect of campus life is unaffected. Campuses must rise to these challenges and find their footing in a context of stiffer international competition between higher education institutions.

This year, Matching Up’s focus is on school and university campuses. Our objective is to co-create the campus of tomorrow with you.

Apply on campus.matching-up.io where you’ll find more information.

Let’s co-create the campus of tomorrow.

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