Empowering Women Through Strong Mentoring Schemes

This week, Bouygues UK is celebrating National Careers Week and with International Women’s Day also falling at the end of this week, on 8th March, we are recognising the importance of women championing women and the invaluable role that strong mentoring schemes play in nurturing the next generation of talent. In the in the ever-evolving world of work, fostering a culture of mentorship is paramount to the success and growth of individuals, particularly for women striving to excel in their careers within industries, like Construction and Property Development, in which they are often not as well represented.

Senior Architect at BakerHicks and Chair of the Women in Property Central Scotland Branch, Aurora Tallon, and Carol Heneghan, Framework Manager at Bouygues UK, were brought together through Women in Property’s mentoring scheme and they exemplify the profound impacts mentorship can have on career development.

Aurora embarked on her mentorship journey seeking guidance and clarity as she navigated the transition from university in Spain, her native country, to starting her career in a new country, England, within the Architectural industry. Recognising the plethora of opportunities within the wider Construction and Development sector, Aurora turned to the Women in Property mentoring programme to help accelerate her career journey.

Through her three-year mentorship experience, Aurora has been able to better understand her strengths and priorities through unwavering support from her mentor, even during challenging circumstances like the Covid-19 lockdown.

Aurora said,

Joining a mentoring programme can offer numerous benefits for both mentors and mentees, from personal support with career development to help with specific issues or career decisions… It is also a way to establish connections in the sector and make new friends for life.

Carol’s motivation to become a mentor stemmed from her own positive experience with mentorship earlier in her career. It was this that led Carol to jump at the chance of joining Women in Property’s Mentoring scheme. Right from the start, her intention was to offer guidance and support to someone seeking mentorship beyond their regular responsibilities.

Becoming a mentor provided Carol with a profound sense of joy and personal satisfaction, as she witnessed the growth and success of her mentee, while also gaining self-awareness and a renewed passion for supporting the next generation of professionals.

Carol said,

Becoming a mentor is a fulfilling way to give back that not only brings a sense of accomplishment but also serves as motivation for personal growth. By exposing us to diverse experiences and through assisting those we mentor, the mentorship journey is reciprocal, offering opportunities for both the mentee and mentor to learn and develop.

It is clear that the benefits of mentorship extend beyond individual growth to encompass broader professional development. By facilitating new connections, knowledge sharing and numerous opportunities for women within the industry that may otherwise be limited, mentorship schemes help break down the barriers women are still facing to drive positive change. We look forward to seeing Carol and Aurora continue their mentorship journey as they progress in each of their respective career paths.

Bouygues UK