Score! Bouygues UK and Aberavon RFC partnership

Bouygues UK and Aberavon RFC announce an exciting new partnership with Bouygues UK to help rejuvenate enthusiasm in sport within secondary schools in Port Talbot.

Bouygues UK is working on the new development at Ysgol Bae Baglan and the company’s Community Engagement Officer, Julie Timothy, discovered through discussions with the schools involved in the project that participation levels in sport and physical activity tend to drop at secondary school level.

Julie explains: “Aberavon RFC is already doing so much positive work with schools in the area, so I approached them to see if there was a way we could support them and encourage more local school children to continue playing sports. The response from Aberavon RFC has been great and the result is the Bouygues UK Wizards League: afterschool rugby, and netball, clubs where pupils will receive coaching sessions as well as play competitive matches against each other. With sports activities aimed at both male and female students, we also have plans to get people who might otherwise not be interested in sport involved, too. For example, there might be opportunities for pupils to help out with the kits or covering matches on social media or taking photos.”

Chris Davies, Commercial and Marketing Manager of Aberavon RFC added: “We have established a competitive sports structure within the primary schools in Port Talbot and it makes sense now to duplicate the structure within the secondary schools. When children leave Key Stage Two education and enter Key Stage Three, the transition is often difficult and the environment for participating in sport changes. Different barriers and perceptions of participating in sport develop. Therefore, it is important that children view sport as an attractive means to develop existing and future relationships with their peers.”

The Bouygues UK Wizards League will aim to bring all pupils together, using sport as a tool. With participation and competitiveness at the core, the project is set to be a more fully-rounded and inclusive programme that shows what sport can really offer.

“As well as promoting competitive sport, it’s our way of showing that a successful team is about more than just the players on the court, or the pitch. It takes many people, with different personalities, working in various roles, supporting behind the scenes to make it all happen. I’d say it’s a metaphor for how we work on construction projects, too,” added Julie.

Image © Riley Sports Photography

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