Meet our New Apprentices and Trainees at Oriel

At Bouygues UK, we see every project as an opportunity to add social value to the communities in which we work.  The four pillars that form our social value strategy and direct our approach are: education; community; employment and skills; volunteering, sponsorships, and donations.

We focus on providing a wide range of opportunities for the people living in and around our developments. At Oriel, one of our newest projects, we are putting a particular focus on career progression opportunities for the next generation.

Bouygues UK is the lead contractor for Oriel, a new £300 million eye care, research and education centre in Camden. This joint initiative between Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields Eye Charity will see services move to a brand-new integrated centre on part of the St Pancras Hospital site.

This flagship project set in the middle of Camden offers huge potential to add social value and this will be at the heart of our agenda throughout the lifecycle of the project. We have pledged to take on over 100 apprentices, work placements and work experience opportunities while Bouygues UK is on site until 2027.

This summer, the site team at Oriel has welcomed 12 apprentices, placement students and graduates across a number of roles, each playing an integral role in the project, with more to join in the coming months.

Having now spent some time being part of our team, some of our new apprentices and trainees, Ahmad, Ben, Charlotte, Christopher, Faye, Halimo, Jules and Keiran, spoke to us about their time on the project so far and how this opportunity will impact their careers going forward.


Placement Trainee Civil Engineer

“Globally, Bouygues is one of the biggest construction companies in the world so having professional experience here at Bouygues UK is a huge springboard. There is so much to discover and to learn about the industry, and Bouygues UK is the perfect place to do so.

“The most rewarding part of this project is the satisfaction people show to you when you do your part of the job well. Furthermore, the better you get, the more responsibilities they give you. For example, now my tutor and I have established a trusting relationship, he knows what I am capable of and gives me more freedom to work independently.”


Placement Trainee Quantity Surveyor

“I am currently on a 3-month placement here and already I can see it is impacting and shaping my future career. It’s been a fantastic introduction into a formal workplace for me straight after university. This is my first step into a role in construction and the Bouygues UK team has been supporting me in building my knowledge, developing skillsets, and boosting my confidence. I’m having a great time with the company and would love to jump on any further opportunities within the company should they arise following my placement!

“I have only been here for about a month, but so far, I have really enjoyed the collaborative culture within Bouygues UK. Everyone I’ve met has been supportive of the fact that this is my first step into construction, and it seems like the company really values personal and professional development. As someone coming into the industry for the first time, I’ve been met with a lot of understanding and support which I appreciate. Additionally, the projects I’ve seen so far incorporate cutting edge technology into projects, increasing the viability of long-term sustainably functioning buildings which is an exciting thing to be part of.”


Apprentice Design Coordinator

“The most rewarding part of this project is that I am part of a team building a beautiful eye care centre that will enhance many people’s health. Learning new things is a great reward that comes with this, along with meeting new people.”

Stuart Heaysman, Deputy Design Director who is Charlotte’s manager at Oriel, said:

“Charlotte is very eager and willing to learn. She is a great asset to the team, particularly because Charlotte has joined us with some real-life experience already under her belt. This is both a fantastic opportunity for us but also for her as we are right there to support her as Charlotte continues her career.”


Apprentice Quantity Surveyor

“I love that I am learning so much, and about a plethora of aspects of construction I never would have come across otherwise such as UXO probing, piling and how to correctly execute a contract. I have been exposed to a vast array of useful information, so this is most rewarding for me, besides being part of such a prestigious project.”


Apprentice Site Administrator

“I believe that the most rewarding parts of the Oriel project so far is that you get to see the site’s development first-hand and I enjoy collaborating with local charities and organisations to provide help and support. I am only in my first few weeks with Bouygues UK but so far, I have found it most rewarding connecting and linking with local communities and providing support where necessary. Seeing the positive impacts of our initiatives on the community is highly rewarding and reinforces the importance of the work we do at Bouygues UK.”


Social Value Apprentice

“The apprenticeship will significantly impact my career by allowing me to acquire and enhance various skills, setting me up for a stable job, along with a recognised qualification, and experience within the industry. It will give me the opportunity to learn first-hand from experts, offering valuable insight into the operations of a reputable company and its role in delivering a positive, sustainable social impact on local communities. It will also pave the way for career progression within the company and demonstrate my commitment to continuous learning.

“I enjoy that I get to interact with different people in different roles across construction. What I particularly like is Bouygues UK’s focus on social value and community engagement. Bouygues UK’s emphasis on innovation and sustainability also resonates with me, it shows a commitment to making a difference in the world.”


Placement Trainee Civil Engineer

“I’m doing an end-of-studies placement as an Assistant Site Engineer at Oriel. We’re currently in the early stages of the project, with groundworks and the construction of the foundations. I work closely with Keltbray, the subcontractor responsible for the early works, and MOLA, the company responsible for the archaeological survey. As an assistant site engineer, my daily routine is never the same, and that’s what I find really interesting about this job. One day you might be dealing with waterproofing issues, and the next with drainage or archaeological surveys. My daily tasks include making sure that everything is in place from a Health & Safety management point of view in the morning before the work, as well as attending the black hat meeting at 3pm to organise the next day’s work between all the subcontractors on site.”


Placement Trainee Civil Engineer

“I am training in the civil works sector, so I am stationed on site much of the time, communicating directly with the subcontractors. Generally, we will be briefed on the works happening that day, then most activity after this involves inspections, visual maintenance, communicating with the wider site team, attending meetings, and ensuring everyone on site is safe and following the necessary Health & Safety procedures.”

The site team is thrilled to have such passionate apprentices on board who are mirroring our commitment to delivering an outstanding facility for our client.

Neil Pixsley, Bouygues UK Project Director at Oriel, expressed:

“It’s refreshing to see that our efforts to recruit apprentices on our project at Oriel are really starting to come to fruition. Many more apprentices are set to join us over course of the project’s lifetime, and we look forward to seeing each and every one of them progress. We will be supporting them on every step of their journey as the future talent of our business.”

If you are interested in joining us as an apprentice or want to explore our other early careers opportunities, click here.

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