Putting sustainable initiatives at the centre of the way we work.

The Bouygues UK team at Pentre Awel has been working tirelessly to put carbon reduction at the heart of this development, engaging with staff and its supply chain to be as sustainable as possible during the build. Our team has targeted 24 specific initiatives to help reduce carbon emissions, waste and energy for the duration of the project.

Here are some examples.

Installation of Solar Container

The project team needed a power source to operate 5 of their cabins which included office space, meeting rooms, drying room, toilets and showers.

Pentre Awel opted to use a solar container over the usual temporary diesel generator making them the first project in our South West & Wales region to install and trial this solution.

This resulted in 56.2% of energy being powered by solar, with the help of a small backup generator being powered by HVO fuel.

The Project Team then made early connection to the grid with a green energy tariff emitting zero carbon.

Switching to HVO Fuel

With projects often relying on diesel to fuel plant and generators, Pentre Awel decided to switch to Hydrotreated Vegetable oil (HVO) as an eco-friendly biofuel.

A local fuel provider was secured, and the project is now currently running on 100% HVO.

Solar Powered CCTV

Pentre Awel, like all sites, requires 24hr CCTV.

After reviewing the options between hard wired and solar powered, a local security contractor was appointed to provide a solar powered CCTV detection system.

By using solar power CCTV, Pentre Awel is preventing 54.02kg of CO2e from entering the atmosphere each day. All 5 CCTV cameras are now solar powered preventing 170,000kg CO2e for the project duration.

Excavated material and soil from the surface of the site has also been taken to a local recycling facility where the material can be segregated, treated and reused, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

As the project is still in the early stages of construction, the team has been able to put a lot of plan in place for the duration of the build. Including installing EV charging points and scoping out the possibilities of using a completely electric plant fleet on site.

Pentre Awel is a truly collaborative scheme is being delivered for the local community by Carmarthenshire County Council in partnership with Hywel Dda University Health Board, Universities and colleges and is part-funded by the Swansea Bay City Deal (£40million). It aims to create around 1,800 jobs over 15 years and boost the local economy by more than £450m. Find out more here.

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