Innovation and digitalisation have become the cornerstones of progress and transformation globally within the construction and development industry. At Bouygues UK, these principles are the driving forces behind our strategic vision.

Our priorities are to integrate emerging trends and new uses into our practices, accelerate responses to environmental issues, and increase operational efficiency on sites.

To transform innovative ideas into our reality on our projects and develop new offers for our clients, we forge synergies across our diverse businesses and by bringing our customers, supply chain, startups, and university partners closer together.

Through research and development, we constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve by adapting to emerging trends, prioritising promising innovation projects, and exploring new technologies.

With the right investment, the right people, and a steadfast dedication to innovation, we are poised to speed up our delivery, enhance safety, promote sustainability, and redefine the industry’s landscape.

Our sector’s future is digital, automated, and data-driven, and at Bouygues UK, we are embracing this transformation with open arms. Together, with our clients and partners, we are building for life.

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Morgane Jossic

Digital and Innovation Project Manager

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