Exploring the World of Construction Through Open Doors

That’s a wrap on Open Doors 2024!

Build UK’s event is always fantastic to be a part of and this year was no exception. Last week, Bouygues UK opened the gates to our sites, alongside dozens of fellow contractors and trade associations, for Build UK’s annual event designed to showcase the wide range of career opportunities available in the industry.

Organised by Build UK, Open Doors provides a unique opportunity for individuals, particularly young people and those considering a career change, to experience first-hand the inner workings of construction sites.  and find out more about the hundreds of different career paths available.

This year, Bouygues UK proudly opened the doors to a selection of our sites in both England and Wales attracting over 60 visitors across the week to our projects; Ebury Bridge Estate, Pentre Awel, Tustin Estate and Wornington Green.

The enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the visitors left a lasting impact on the site teams, who were delighted to share their expertise and showcase the progress being made on their respective sites.  Feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive;

Thank you for the visit to site today. Living in the locality, I found it interesting to see and learn what was happening on site…This was the third event I attended, and it was the most hospitable, with nice little touches like a welcome with water and treats, individually set up PPE, and informative and detailed responses to questions during the tour. Thanks again.

Another visitor said,

It was really interesting hearing about the challenges of the site and to see the progress on various parts of the site. All of the staff were very knowledgeable, open and enthusiastic about the project. The site itself was well maintained, to high standards, with very good segregation between storage and walking routes. It is a clear that H&S is high on the agenda.

Through these site visits, attendees gained valuable insights into the intricacies of the construction industry and the multitude of career opportunities available within the sector. Bouygues UK and other participating organisations remain committed to fostering interest and awareness in the industry, aiming to inspire the next generation of construction professionals.

As Open Doors continues to bridge the gap between aspiring individuals and the construction industry, it reinforces the significance of collaboration and innovation in shaping the built environment of tomorrow.

Bouygues UK