We are experts in placemaking and turning spaces into thriving, healthy and affordable places to live.

All of our urban regeneration developments, focus on bringing people and local amenities together through design, engagement, social value and with modern and evolving public realm facilities. This ensures residents are connected and communities enhanced. Such schemes are particularly unique as they are often delivered over a long period of time and require multi-phases.

We are experienced in developing exciting retail and leisure spaces from shopping centres to cinemas, libraries, restaurants, and supermarkets. Customer experience lies at the heart of our people-centric approach to every project, ensuring that we design and deliver market-leading results for our clients and those who will enjoy the spaces we create.

We forge strong and collaborative relationships with our development partners to ensure joint success in this dynamic and ever-evolving sector.

Hallsville Quarter, Canning Town

We have a flexible approach that allows us to refine and adapt our programming strategies, community engagement and delivery efficiency so that our long-term presence adds value for surrounding neighbours for decades to come.

Queens Park Place

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