Spotlight On Chelbie Jones

It’s International Women’s Day and this year, we are spotlighting Chelbie Jones, Site Manager at 71/72 The Kingsway, our project for Swansea City & Council. We took a trip down to Swansea to see what a day in the life of a Site Manager really looks like.

While we remain focused on celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness of discrimination and taking action to drive gender parity all year round, International Women’s Day is an apt opportunity to highlight the importance of going beyond all of this and breaking down those systemic barriers that see women still being treated inequitably and understanding why equal opportunities aren’t enough.

When asked about Chelbie, Managing Director for the region, John Boughton said,

Chelbie is a wonderful example of someone who has grasped every opportunity offered to her at Bouygues UK and is enjoying a successful career in a dynamic, diverse and evolving industry.

Whether it’s working behind the scenes in the marketing department, operating a crane on site, coordinating BIM or quantity surveying, the construction industry has never been a more varied and exciting career choice for women.  

What was once considered a male-dominated industry is now home to ambitious, skilled women who are breaking down the barriers to smash gender stereotypes and bring a fresh perspective to the world of construction.

When Chelbie left school 10 years ago, she was about to enrol onto a hairdressing course when she realised it wasn’t really the career she wanted to pursue. She took a leap of faith, signed up to a carpentry course, learned the tricks of the construction trade and now, years later, Chelbie is a fully-fledged and hugely successful Site Manager.

The 25-year-old has been with us for the past six years and advises any woman who is considering a career in construction to go for it.

We are proud to have a number of career programmes in place that offer a range of options to suit anyone, from those who are reintegrating following serving time, or those juggling studying and working, to those ready to launch themselves into a full-time or a part-time role. There is something for everyone, regardless of their gender, background or upbringing.

Have a watch below to see how Chelbie spends her day at 71/72 The Kingsway:

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