At Bouygues UK, sustainability, social value, and standardisation are key focuses when delivering the educational facilities of tomorrow.

A sustainable net zero carbon approach is a non-negotiable for us as we work towards our goals of reducing our environmental impact through energy-efficient designs and sustainable materials. Simultaneously, adding social value, fostering community engagement and creating local job opportunities all lie at the heart of what is designed to leave a lasting positive impact through our work. By standardising our construction methods wherever possible we can ensure consistency, quality, and cost-efficiency, streamlining our project delivery for our clients.

Beecroft Gardens


Our Model School

Bouygues UK’s standardised model school approach is designed to align with the DfE’s target to deliver schools that are net zero carbon in operation with reduced maintenance needs.

With our advanced, digital ‘kit-of-parts’ approach we are able to put forward the optimum solution and add value to school design by deploying the most relevant DfMA system to improve efficiency, predictability and construction timelines. 

Timber solutions

With timber proving to have a positive effect on the education environment we believe it is one of the key materials within construction of schools and aim to have 30% of schools, and other buildings built by Bouygues, constructed in timber by 2030.

Bouygues UK works with mass timber construction specialists with off-site manufactured components for assembly on site to form classrooms and other school facilities. Bouygues Construction has also developed its own timber solution, WeWood, in France that is premanufactured and pre-equipped off-site in a factory and used frequently on education facilities.

Net zero carbon

Aligned with the current specifications, we build schools that have minimal impacts on climate change through their carbon emissions. We ensure that key impact areas including energy usage, travel, waste, water, procurement, and school grounds and facilities are all considered in our design and construction methodology to maximise potential for carbon reduction.

Biophilic design

Biophilic design is a concept used within the construction industry to enhance physical and mental wellbeing by increasing occupant connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct nature, indirect nature, and space and place conditions. We believe that a facility connected to nature has the ability to positively impact educational outcomes just as the quality of the building would do and so, ensuring the schools we build promote interaction with the pupils’ natural surroundings is a top priority for us. 

Social Value

Inspiring pupils

Bouygues UK engages with the young people in and around the schools that we deliver as much as possible, wherever we can.  We are well positioned to support the next generation with the aspirations they have for their further education, university and future careers.  We embrace young people from all walks of life and through their engagement with us, we offer direct help and mentoring programmes to inspire and encourage them to join the world of construction.

community Designed

Local communities are fundamental to the success of our schools, from ensuring our schools’ designs and services meet their requirements and accessibility needs, to ensuring they enhance community engagement and blend in with the local vernacular. We make sure our schools meet the expectations of the staff and students occupying the building during school time while also prioritising community-use opportunities for during holidays and weekends so the facility can be made the most of by everyone all year round.

Training and Upskilling

We are proud to be directly supporting the UK Government’s new technical-based qualifications programme in England by delivering T Levels which focus specifically on preparing students for the world of work and how to meet the expectations of what is required for a career in STEM. In Wales, we continue to support the Welsh Government’s objective of having a more highly-skilled society to drive forward the Welsh economy through pursuit of more jobs and industry growth. Bouygues UK supports a diverse range of apprenticeships across England and Wales both directly and by working closely with our supply chain to support all levels of apprenticeships – intermediate, advanced, higher and degree.


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