As a responsible & committed company, Bouygues UK has long been innovating and developing sustainable solutions.

In the last few years, we have had to step up and go further in order to respond more efficiently to the climate crisis. We need to guarantee we are building and renovating responsibly, working with our clients to support our collective need for highly efficient buildings, neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

We recognise the fundamental need for decarbonised communities. Reducing our carbon emissions is an absolute priority for us and our Carbon Roadmap sets out how we will achieve our key targets, in line with our Climate & Environment goals:

How will we reach our targets?

Scopes 1 & 2

In order to meet our target, we have committed to:

  • Train and upskill 100% of our staff and contribute to our supply chain upskilling
  • Install smart building technologies on all our sites and offices to understand and reduce our energy use
  • Increase the energy efficiency of our site cabins in partnership with our supply chain
  • Shift company cars and fleet towards Electric and Hybrid plug-in associated with installation of EV charging points on all our sites
  • Enable the shift towards electric plant wherever possible
  • Minimise the use of generators
  • Make the best use of biofuels
  • Make the most of our site installations in order to generate free energy (Solar)
  • Procure Green energy

Scope 3

In order to meet our target, we have committed to:

  • Undertake WLCA as early as possible and on all projects in order to inform our designs
  • Reinforce our position on Refurbishment and Retrofit projects
  • Maximise fabric performance, systems efficiency and on site energy generation
  • Apply the principles of Passive House to their fullest extend and towards Net Zero Operational Carbon without fossil fuels
  • Reduce by a 1/3rd the carbon content of our purchased concretes and steels
  • Promote and make use of structural timber supported by WeWood, our integrated team of timber experts
  • Reinforce our products analysis and selection in order to bring more quality and robustness whilst reducing by 25% the carbon content of all our products

Our commitment to low-carbon development is at the heart of everything we do; no action is too small, so we are constantly striving to further improve our solutions. Only by examining every element of our projects can we consolidate our efforts to find lower carbon options and solutions.

By integrating carbon into our decision-making alongside our other key strategic priorities, Bouygues UK is ensuring we have a positive impact on this rapidly changing world.

Collaborating to reach our goals

We are determined to do everything we can to guarantee we meet our carbon reduction goals for 2025 and 2023. Working alongside our partners, we hope we can inspire and learn how to be bolder and better.

Over the last few years, Bouygues UK has partnered with sustainability consultants, Darren Evans who are working with us in our journey to create a more sustainable built environment.

Most recently, we have been collaborating with Darren Evans, undertaking whole life carbon assessments on our projects.

Learn more about embodied and whole life carbon here as our Head of Climate & Environment, Romain Richli, delves deeper into the subject and we discover the whole life carbon of our Wornington Green development.


Building for the future is a top priority for us at Bouygues UK. Every project is an opportunity to build the future and at Bouygues UK, we are committed to ensuring this is the reality. We recognise that through working closely with our clients, supply chain partners and employees, we can help reduce our impact on the environment and bring sustainable benefits to the communities we work in.

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