Integral to our mission to developing the schools of the future across the UK is our commitment to achieving national targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimising our carbon footprint, and enhancing the overall quality of both the physical infrastructure and the educational environment.

Bouygues UK is dedicated to delivering projects that have not only a shorter programme of works, from starting on site to completion, but that are also more efficient and smarter in their operations once handed over to the client.

West Twyford Primary School

We know that each school possesses its own unique identity, and our proposition is tailored to ensure that the final design respects this uniqueness while still aligning with the school’s overarching vision and guiding principles. This personalised approach guarantees that the educational spaces we create reflect the ethos and values of the institutions themselves.

Westminster City School

Our project delivery method prioritises quality while focusing on speed, minimal disruption to schools, local residents, and the environment, and above all, the safety and well-being of everyone involved.

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